Desperate times call for desperate measures.
I guess eating cucumbers for lunch doesn’t really qualify as desperate, but when I started my new job in November, I found myself thrown back on the front lines of needing healthy food prepared fast. My nutritional goals faced a new challenge as the flexibility I’ve enjoyed over the past few years was replaced with long hours away from home (and my kitchen). I needed to switch back into the gear of quick and easy choices for my lunch box, and cucumbers were an easy place to start. Here’s why: They are a nutritional powerhouse packaged up right in their own wrapper. I call this God’s fast food!
Let’s review some of the nutritional reasons I like cucumbers:
  1. Vitamins and minerals galore. Everything from stress managing B’s, immune boosting C and heart healthy potassium turn cucumbers into a one stop nutritional shop.
  2.  Digestive dynamo. Water and fiber are essential to a smooth move through the gut and cucumbers have both! Insoluble fiber from the skin adds bulk needed for healthy elimination, and the high water content may help with acid reflux.
  3. Glowing skin. All of those vitamins, minerals, water and fiber in cucumbers do even more than aid digestion and boost our health. They also help keep our skin radiant.

For more information about the amazing cucumber, check out these 2 articles by Dr. Mercola and Best Acne Treatment.

Now that we’ve explored a few of the healthy benefits that cucumbers offer, let’s talk about how to get them in your lunch box quick. I have 3 strategies for this depending on how much time I have. The first one may not be glamorous, but can be accomplished in 30 seconds or less: simply wash and and wrap the whole thing in a paper towel. That’s it! At lunch time I pull it out and eat it apple style. Like I said it’s not glamorous but does give me a cool and refreshing boost in the midst of a busy day.
If I have a few more minutes I slice it right into a bowl and add vinegar and garlic salt. That makes me feel a little more sophisticated when break time comes calling and I actually need a fork.
Finally, if I have more than 10 minutes or have actually planned and prepped ahead, a salad like this one from iowa girl eats  makes lunch time delightful. When I open that one, it’s so exciting that I spend more time trying to get a good image for Snap Chat than I have to eat it.
Trying to keep the healthy thing going on with a busy schedule can get overwhelming pretty quick. Especially with all of the convenient packages of chips and candy bars looming on every horizon. It helps me to keep it simple and to remember that God has given us quite a variety of delicious, healthy food like cucumbers. Quick nourishment on a busy day can be that easy.
Leave me a comment and share your favorite way to get healthy food fast.
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